Open to registered graduate students who wish to study in Scandinavia. Terms of the endowment state “preference shall be given to American students who wish to study in Scandinavia, preferably Sweden, and to students in Scandinavian Languages and Literature,” but the competition is open to graduate students in all fields. Awards have been made to students from Architecture, Rhetoric, Music, Political Science, Art, Sociology, Energy & Resources, Interdisciplinary, and Computer Science.

Successful applications demonstrate the need for research in a Scandinavian country that cannot be accomplished elsewhere, or relevance of the language and/or culture to the student’s dissertation topic. Demonstrated effort at finding support from multiple sources also counts in an applicant’s favor. Award amounts have averaged approximately $4,800 over the past 3 years.  Recipients must be registered students.

Download the application. The deadline to apply is February 12, 2019.

For more information or questions please contact, Seth Arnopole, Graduate Services Adviser, or phone (510) 642-9051.

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