Data Science Summer Institute – Internship Opportunity for UC Graduate Students:

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is offering data science graduate students and advanced undergraduate students the opportunity to join the Data Science Summer Institute (DSSI) — interns who get to work on real problems that really matter to our country.

The Data Science Summer Institute (DSSI) is a flexible internship program that runs for 12 weeks during the summer. During these 12 weeks, students will be paired with mentors working in the Data Science fields. DSSI will cover 50% of the students’ time, allowing the students to enhance their skills by attending short courses and seminars on topics relevant to data science, and gain hands-on experience through collaborative work on other data science problems relating to national importance. DSSI is open to both advanced undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing a degree in a field related to the Data Sciences (machine learning, statistics, applied mathematics, computer science, etc). The two Summer 2021 sessions will be held from May – Aug and June – Sept. Exact dates TBD.

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