It’s recruiting season, so many applicants are weighing their decisions about where to go to graduate school. We have experienced another considerable up-tick in applications, and I am anticipating another excellent recruitment cycle despite the budgetary challenges the University is dealing with.

The story of how we’re continuing to attract more and higher-quality grad students is summarized below. The full article is posted on the Graduate Division website and the campus NewsCenter.

Our own Graduate Division survey data shows that by far the most important factor in drawing students to Berkeley is the distinction of our faculty and degree programs. Many applicants are thinking in term of rankings, which we and the campus reported last fall.

During recruiting season, you can do your part, too. Do you know students who are applying to graduate schools and are (or should be) considering Berkeley among their options? Please send them the links above. Take a visiting applicant out for coffee. Or tell your graduate program staff that you’re available to talk by telephone to an applicant or two. You are a terrific source of insider knowledge about your program, the faculty, the courses and the research.





Andrew J. Szeri
Dean of the Graduate Division