Calapalooza graphicCalapalooza, the bi-annual student organization/group recruitment drive is back for Spring 2021! As campus continues to offer virtual events, welcoming students from all over the world, student organizations are ready to recruit new members for the 2021 academic semester.  Spring Calapalooza ‘21 will take place for 4 days on CalLink, where each day a variety of organizations will be tabling and recruiting virtually.  Participating student organizations will be available live via video conferencing (Zoom, Google Hangout, etc) between 5PM-7PM Pacific Standard Time (California time).

On Tuesday, January 26th, Calapalooza will feature transfer, graduate and professional student organizations.  Many of these groups are for graduate students specifically, and also support professional networking, building community and special interests.  Find the right one for you!

Pace yourselves, preview the CalLink pages of the orgs you are interested in, and click the blue “join organization” button to connect with the organizations.  In addition, for best results follow the organizations on social media, webpages, and suggested calls to action outlined by the organizations to connect with them.

For mobile friendly use, please download “Corq” to access orgs and events on the go.

Outside of Calapalooza, be sure to set up your CalLink profile and search for orgs and groups that interest you.