The Department of Linguistics is seeking one GSI for Spring 2018 to teach:

Ling. 5:  Language and Linguistics
MWF 2 – 3 pm with Professor Larry Hyman

The GSI must attend lecture and teach three sections as listed:
Tu 8 – 9 am
Tu 9 – 10 am
Tu 1 – 2 pm

Course description

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to a wide range of topics dealing with the nature of Language: language structure, language use, language change, and language development. We will look both at examples from English (our common language in the course) as well as other languages, drawing as much as possible from the knowledge and experiences both of the structure and of students in the class.

Interested students should send a CV and email with a brief account of teaching experience and relevant course work to Belen Flores as soon as possible, no later than Monday, November 27, 2017.