Berkeley Science Review spring cover image

The Berkeley Science Review (BSR) is a graduate student-run magazine that aims to highlight the groundbreaking research occurring at UC Berkeley in a wide variety of scientific disciplines, from biology to physics to computer science. The BSR is currently seeking science bloggers, as well as illustrators, designers and photographers for its fall edition.

Founded in 2001 by a dedicated group of hard-working graduate student volunteers, the magazine’s aim has always been more than simply reporting on the exciting research going on across the UC Berkeley campus; BSR strives to ensure that all of its articles are accessible to interested readers of any background — a term BSR editors refer to as the “intelligent non-specialist.”

The BSR is seeking ongoing or one-time contributions

  • If interested in blogging for the Berkeley Science Review, read this blogging FAQ page and contact Emilia Zin, Blog Editor-in-Chief, at [email protected].
  • If interested in joining the team for the Fall 2019 issue as an illustrator, designer, or photographer, email Emily Gonthier at [email protected].

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