The challenges facing students due to the COVID-19 pandemic have been severe. While all of our students have been impacted in some way, our most vulnerable communities, including disabled students, student parents, first-generation students and low-income students carry the greatest burden.

The Student Emergency Fund was created to provide direct, immediate support to Berkeley students who are experiencing unforeseen difficulties — including job loss or fewer resources to cover their personal and academic expenses — as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. To ensure the maximum number of students finish their Berkeley education, gifts to this fund support resources such as:

  • Relocating students
  • Housing expenses
  • Food
  • Essential items like household goods, clothing, and books
  • Technology solutions for remote learning

Support by the Numbers

As of May 2020, graduate student support was provided for:
students with food

Area of Support


Total Amount

COVID-19 Relief 120 $142,000
Rental Assistance 30 $110,400
Grad e-loan Relief 33 $34,900
Groceries 162
Berkeley CARES Award
for Graduate Students
3281 $3,308,963


Your support of this fund has deepened the resources we can provide our students to ensure they will stay on track with their academic and career goals.


Basic Needs chart

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