Webinar about the Global Education Program Scholarship

EducationUSA Russia will be hosting a webinar for the 68 approved institutions on December 16 at 11 am EST with the Global Education Program manager. During this webinar, you will have a chance to learn more about the details of the program, the approved fields of study, and the selection process for funding. We will also discuss ways we can help promote your institution to potential recipients of these funds.

To join the webinar, you can follow this link. Please sign in as a guest, indicating your name and institution name.

More information about the program can be found on the official Global Education Program website.

The Russian government has just approved the new Global Education Program scholarship, with the goal of supporting 1,500 Russian graduate students at leading universities pursuing specific fields of study. The scholarship is approximately $40,000 per year and can be applied towards tuition, living expenses, health insurance, books and round-trip travel expenses. Russian graduate students are eligible for the Global Education scholarship in the following fields of study at University of California, Berkeley:

  • computer and information sciences
  • computer science and engineering
  • information security
  • chemical technology
  • equipment and construction technology
  • architecture
  • electronics
  • radio engineering and communications systems
  • photonics
  • instrumentation
  • optical system and biotechnical and technology
  • electricity and heat
  • nuclear energy and technology
  • biological sciences; physics and astronomy
  • physical and engineering science and technology
  • mathematics and mechanics
  • industrial ecology and biotechnology
  • technosphere safety and environmental engineering
  • earth science
  • applied geology, mining, oil and gas
  • chemistry
  • materials technology
  • nanotechnologies and nanomaterials
  • education and pedagogical sciences
  • economics and management.

For more information about the Global Education Program see their website, the GEP Facebook group, or contact EducationUSA Adviser Inna Ustinova.