Have you received a notice about outstanding Fall tuition/fee charges?  Anticipating a Fall stipend or loan?  Here is some basic guidance on disbursement of Fall funding:

Unexpected tuition/fee bill?

  • Fellowship tuition/fee awards apply toward charges one business day after you’ve enrolled in Fall units. Check the Awards section of CalCentral (My Finances) to ensure that your expected tuition/fee award appears; if not, contact the Graduate Student Affairs Officer (GSAO) for your department or program.
  • Fee remissions from academic appointments (e.g., GSI and GSR positions) are applied toward tuition/fee charges after the appointment is entered in the HR system. If an expected fee remission hasn’t posted to your account, contact your hiring department to confirm that your appointment has been entered.

Expecting a stipend disbursement?

  • Most Fall stipends are scheduled to disburse on August 19th, the same day as loans. However, stipends will disburse only after you’ve enrolled in Fall units, so make sure you’re enrolled in at least one unit, or else the process may be delayed. First confirm that the stipend award shows up in the Awards section of CalCentral (My Finances); if not, contact your department’s GSAO.
  • For international students, stipends may be held pending completion of the Glacier process.
  • Direct Deposit is the fastest way to receive stipends and other refunds. For those not enrolled in Direct Deposit, checks are produced and held at Cal Student Central.

Taking out loans?

  • Loans will not disburse until you’ve completed all required tasks in CalCentral, enrolled in at least six units, and resolved any holds.

Making a payment toward tuition/fees?

Deadline for payment of tuition/fees

  • Graduate and professional students have until the 5th week of instruction to ensure payment of tuition and fees; after that point, enrollment may be canceled. Late fees may be incurred prior to this deadline.
  • Some campus services may not be available until your tuition/fees have been paid, so consult your department or employer if you are expecting a fee award or fee remission that does not appear on your Student Account.
  • If you expect that an external award (such as GI Bill benefits) won’t post until after the fifth week, contact your GSAO for assistance.
  • Failure to withdraw prior to the applicable deadline will result in fee charges per the refund policy.

Need help?

If, after reviewing the My Finances section of your CalCentral account, you need additional assistance, please contact the GSAO for your department/program or, for GSI/GSR appointments, your hiring department.