Over the last four months, you may have walked by 2515 Channing Way and noticed work crews, painters, and even cement trucks. The Inclusive Excellence Hub, a vibrant and inclusive community space for underrepresented graduate students, was getting an update. The current renovations are a means to maximize use of the facilities and ensure a quality environment for grad students. While construction is finishing up, there are already many additions up and running that students can utilize right now.

Improved Spaces for Graduate Students

The Hub now features a new area for students to hold meetings, workshops, community gatherings, or study as a group or privately. The wall between two small conference rooms has been knocked down – allowing for one expansive meeting space. Various OGD programs such as the Marco Antonio Firebaugh Scholars, UndocuGrads Students, and the Diversity and Community Fellows are already utilizing this facility for seminars, workshops, and community gatherings.

Additionally, more developments are being implemented with the launch of the Hub Room Reservation System for students to reserve meeting spaces throughout the first floor. Three rooms are available for reservation and two exist as drop-in spaces. One of these spaces has priority for students with disabilities, while another is first priority for students with dependents.

New Inclusive Amenities

The Hub features two private, soundproof booths for students to take virtual meetings, a family room for student parents, a lactation room with a small refrigerator for nursing parents, and an updated PPG Foundation Lounge where students can find coffee, tea, free printing, and flyers for campus resources. The newly updated kitchenette is equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, and sink (the latter sponsored by The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) for sustainable practices).

New Outdoor Venue

The former parking lot behind the Hub has been converted into an outdoor space for social gatherings, studying, workshops, and other outdoor events. Final touches are being put in place including landscaping, a patio, outdoor furniture, and a mural on the building’s back wall. 

OGD Staff Members at the Hub

Currently, three full-time Office for Graduate Diversity staff members hold offices at the Hub – overseeing the implementation of various programs serving as primary points of contact for students, Diversity and Community Fellows, and campus partners.