Elsevier has suspended access. Now what?

Members of the UC community no longer have direct access to Elsevier journal articles published in 2019. We continue to have direct access to most articles published before 2019 in most Elsevier journals (covering about 95 percent of historical usage).

How can I access Elsevier articles in other ways?

The Library is prepared to help you get the articles you need. Our guide to alternative access provides step-by-step instructions for how to access articles in other ways. UC researchers can use tools like Google Scholar, Unpaywall, and Open Access Button to quickly find open access copies, when available. Some authors are open to receiving requests for articles via sites such as ResearchGate; you can also email the corresponding author listed in the abstract to request a copy. You can get help directly from the Library through the interlibrary loan request form. Any request for content no longer licensed through Elsevier will automatically be placed into a special queue. For urgent requests, use the note field to ask for an expedited copy.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Email the Library at scholarly-resources@lists.berkeley.edu or contact your subject librarian.

Note: The UC Libraries do not endorse using Sci-Hub for article access.