Be sure to check in with the BIO on timing for:

  • Graduate Students Completing Degrees in Spring 2019 — If you are completing your degree in Spring 2019 and are unsure of your post-completion plans, options, and timing
  • Graduate Student on Spring or Fall Filing Fee/In Absentia — Discuss your Filing Fee/In Absentia plans and visa options. While these are both considered legitimate registration statuses for visa purposes, there are logistical issues related to travel and employment that are critical for students to learn the fine points from BIO as you make your plans for the FF/IA term and beyond
  • Graduate Students completing degrees in Summer — This group — particularly PhD students — is a bit tricky for BIO for visa purposes, and it is often required for a student be enrolled for final unit(s) during the summer even if the university would allow them to complete and file without enrollment. If you plan to complete your degree in summer, please be sure to strategize with BIO about your degree timeline and post-completion visa options as soon as possible. Each case is unique, so it’s critical to meet with a BIO adviser before finalizing plans
    • Employment for Students Graduating in Summer — If you are graduating in the summer, this may impact your ability to work on or off campus more than 20 hours per week. Generally, if summer is a student’s final term, you will be limited to part-time work (50% appointments) during that final term, unless you will be using your post-completion employment authorization. Check with BIO to confirm the best summer employment strategy and options