When life gets busy and something has to give, it doesn’t have to be eating healthy, fresh food. While you’re doing the hard work, let Cal Dining do the cooking (and the planning, shopping, prepping, and cleaning). It’s as easy as getting a meal plan.

Eat better? No problem. You’ll eat delicious, nutritious and sustainable food. Ingredients are local, organic, humanely treated and farm-to-fork. You enjoy the good taste, while Cal Dining makes sure the food is coming from a good place. There are plenty of choices, including vegan and vegetarian selections, as well as options for those with food allergies, gluten intolerance, or religious dietary restrictions.

Need advice? Get that, too. A registered dietitian is available if you’d like personal advice on your nutrition and well-being needs. (And it’s free.)

Want flexibility? Check. Eat where you want, when you want, with a simple swipe of your Cal 1 Card. With 19 locations, including sit-down and to-go options, dining commons, convenience stores, campus restaurants, late night and concessions stands, deciding where to save is up to you.

Save money? You bet. With flex dollars, you pay less than the cash price in the dining commons—on average almost $5 less per meal! The Graduate/Extension Plan includes 300 flex dollars for $300 and works on a declining balance. You can also save more money when you purchase add-on flex dollars —55 flex dollars for just $50 or 110 flex dollars for $100. (What’s hard to quantify? Getting back a few precious hours of your time.)

You can watch your wallet and eat healthier with a meal plan from Cal Dining.

To buy a meal plan or get more information, visit Cal Dining.