Caregiver_InfantUC Berkeley’s Back-Up Child Care program enables student parents to work on academic projects, attend study sessions, travel to conferences or give presentations when their usual child care arrangements are unavailable.

Registered graduate and undergraduate students with dependent children are eligible for up to 60 hours of in-home and/or center-based care by professional caregivers, for a very low hourly co-pay.

  • Your child’s school/center is closed for spring or summer break.
  • Your primary caregiver is on vacation.
  • Your child is mildly ill and cannot attend their regular care program.
  • You need extra study time and your primary child care option is unavailable.
  • Your primary caregiver has quit and you are between full-time care arrangements.
  • You have a new baby and need temporary care as you transition back to school.
  • You need to travel for research or an academic conference.

To learn more about the in-home and center-based care program and to begin the registration process, visit UC Berkeley’s Back-Up Child Care website.

September Co-Pay Waived for Center-Based Care 

Summer is ending and fall is shaking up everybody’s calendar – which can leave you without care for your family. But don’t forget, your Bright Horizons benefit provides high-quality back-up care when you need it — and it’s just a click or call away.

To help ease the fall transition, Bright Horizons is waiving copays for center-based back-up care throughout the entire month of September. 

Reserve back-up care when:

  • School is closed for teacher training days
  • The sitter comes down with a cold
  • You’ve got a deadline and need extra research time

Start the registration process by visiting the Back-Up Child Care website.

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