parent with childUC Berkeley’s Back-Up Child Care program enables student parents to work on academic projects, teach, or take care of other needs when their usual child care arrangements are unavailable.

Registered graduate and undergraduate students with dependent children are eligible for up to 120 hours of in-home and/or center-based care by professional caregivers, for a very low hourly co-pay. Use back-up child care when:

  • Your regular caregiver is unavailable
  • You are between child care arrangements
  • Your child’s regular child care center or school is closed
  • You need care for your child so that you can meet your academic responsibilities, such as attending a study session, writing a paper, or traveling to attend conferences or to make presentations.

Service Terms (effective September 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021): Student parents are eligible for up to 120 subsidized hours of subsidized care. Co-pays are $2 per hour for center-based care and $4 per hour for in-home care (minimum four hours per booking).

To learn more about the in-home and center-based care program and to begin the two-part registration process, visit UC Berkeley’s Back-Up Child Care website and register through this form.

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