Steps You Can Take

Complete the Required Course on Professional Standards and Ethics in Teaching

Managing a classroom successfully requires an understanding of the ethical dimension of leadership. This entails the ability to address difficult situations fairly so that those involved feel you support them and have their best interest in mind. Decisions made in teaching also need to abide by existing policies and laws. Facing challenges and making decisions as a leader or manager in other organizational settings is no different. The training provided through the Course on Professional Standards and Ethics in Teaching will bolster your ability to create a strong sense of commitment among individuals and teams to achieve common goals.

Complete Training in Responsible Conduct of Research

Research may require you to protect the privacy of human subjects, to observe ethical standards for research using animals, and to respect the rights of others to be recognized as contributors through proper citation, co-authorship, and granting of permissions for use of material covered by copyright. Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research and the Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) can help you accomplish these tasks successfully. Just as specific policies and ethical guidelines govern knowledge production in the modern university, analogous policies and standards govern project management, research, and development in other organizations.

Take Workshops on Fostering Inclusion in Research and Teaching Settings

Promoting inclusive work spaces and leveraging the creative potential of diversity are key to succeeding in modern multicultural organizations and fundamental skills needed in leadership and management positions. Teaching and conducting research in a diverse setting like Berkeley are great opportunities to learn and develop these skills. The GSI Teaching & Resource Center offers workshops designed to help you build inclusive classroom environments and promote participation among undergraduate students with different backgrounds. It has also developed a teaching guide with research-based recommendations to help you foster inclusive learning environments. The Multicultural Education Program (MEP) also offers diversity workshops and trainings on a variety of topics.