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Meet Kenneth Ng'etich

When Kenneth Ng’etich began his search for the perfect university to complete his master’s in journalism, remnants of a particular school were at the top of his mind. Growing up in Nairobi, Kenya, he listened to one of his relatives constantly praise UC Berkeley and how it was among her top choices for studying abroad. After all those years, Kenneth’s first instinct was to research this college he had heard so much about, and he learned that it had an esteemed master’s program for journalism. Being reunited with the idea of this university felt like destiny, and Kenneth decided he had to apply. When he finally received his decision letter, a rush of emotions washed over him. The disbelief, the excitement, the overwhelming sense of accomplishment; Kenneth had been accepted into the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

In his time at UC Berkeley, Kenneth is continuously reminded why he chose this university over any other. His “lifelong love affair with the written and spoken word” meant that his sights had always been set on a career in journalism, but he also had a longing to do things differently and think outside the box. UC Berkeley offered Kenneth this opportunity via the journalism program’s diverse and supportive community that uplifts efforts to go about journalism creatively.

“Berkeley is just not the world’s best public university, it is one of the best places in the world”

Kenneth Ngetich headshot
Kenneth Ng’etichBerkeley Graduate School of Journalism Student

Through Berkeley’s wide variety of student-led organizations, Kenneth has been able to connect with his fellow peers; taking part in the National Association of Black Journalists as well as the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program. UC Berkeley has given Kenneth the opportunity to foster new relationships and further develop his journalistic abilities, and according to him, that’s all thanks to the amazing amenities Berkeley offers its students; “A beautiful campus. Warm and kind people. Very helpful faculty and staff. First class facilities. Immense opportunities. That’s what Berkeley gives you. And much more”.