Rube Goldberg Machine

The Berkeley underpinnings of Google’s July 4th salute

The world’s best-known search engine varies its logo playfully on its homepage on holidays and whenever it feels like it. This Fourth of July, it featured the basic DNA of a Rube Goldberg device. One of the country's most popular cartoonists, Goldberg started here, in the first issues of Cal’s best-known and longest-lasting humor magazine, the California Pelican, which was founded in 1903 and survived, amusing and outraging people for eight decades, give or take.



Everything you need to know about the wonders of nanotechnology, as a musical, with puppets.

Post-Stem-Cell-Ban Era Begins

Post-stem-cell-ban era begins at Berkeley

MCB professor Ellen Robey (Berkeley Ph.D. '86), two of her postdocs, and a grad student are in Nature's coverage of their lab as the post-stem-cell ban era begins.