headshot of fred dewitt

Fred DeWitt on Creating a Safe Space Through Art

Talking about current socio-political issues is one of the tallest tasks an artist can tackle, from deciding whether and how to portray acts of violence or using images of family members and loved ones in works of art.  MFA candidate … Continued

Monica De La Cruz: You Either Help People or You Don’t

Monica De La Cruz is pursuing a doctorate in UC Berkeley’s School of Social Welfare with the goal of crafting policies that actively improve peoples’ economic health in the Bay Area. However, this wasn’t always De La Cruz’s goal. Describing … Continued

Daniela Medina in cap and gown

Daniela Medina: Uplifting People Closest to Incarceration 

Daniela Medina, a second year master’s student in UC Berkeley’s Social Welfare program, dedicates her studies, work, and life to supporting formerly and currently incarcerated and system-impacted people. Within Berkeley, she works as a mentor with Berkeley Underground Scholars, a … Continued

Laura Belik: Constructions of Space and their Multiple Memories

Laura Belik, a fourth-year Architecture PhD candidate at UC Berkeley, looks at the spatial relations of memory and power within the migration patterns of Northeast Brazilian populations, specifically within the state of Ceará. Currently relocated to shelter in place in … Continued

Headshot of Rivka

Rivka Valérie Louissaint: Art for Working Class People

Rivka Valérie Louissaint (she/they) a first year MFA student at UC Berkeley, makes art which is informed by their experiences as a Black, working class, immigrant, and queer woman. They are also inspired by liberation movements, such as the Black, … Continued

Headshot of Jared Robinson

Jared Robinson: Remember to Look Twice

Jared Robinson, a fifth-year UC Berkeley English Ph.D. student, is exploring how the act of “looking twice” at our past can be an empowering form of self-definition, and even self-creation.  On an individual level, looking twice at the past can … Continued