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Student Family Assistance

Learn more about campus resources that aid student families in the search for affordable housing, child care, health insurance, and more.

Assistance Eligibility Award Amounts How to Apply Deadline Notification
Early Childhood Education Program
One parent must be a registered student. Priority given to low-income families with ‘child care need'. Children served are three months to five years old. Sliding scale fees ($0-19.20 per day). Parent participation is encouraged. Applicaiton forms online. Applications accepted at any time. July/early August for fall; December for spring.
Emergency Back-up Child Care
Pilot Program
Registered student parents, on a “first come, first served” basis as long as funding lasts. Up to 60 hours per year of highly-subsidized back-up child care from a leading nationwide provider of care services. Register online.    
Parent Grant
Registered graduate student parents (single, married, or registered domestic partners) who live with dependent children and demonstrate financial need. Up to $8,000 per academic year, ($4,000 per academic term) funding permitting. Submit completed form (PDF) to the Fellowships Office in 318 Sproul Hall. July 8, 2013 July - August
International Graduate Student Parent Grant All registered international graduate students who have been enrolled at Berkeley for at least one academic year and have a child living with them in the Bay Area are eligible to apply. Grants will be awarded based on financial need. Grants are applied to tuition & fees or as a stipend. Information on the Berkeley International Office website. Application period occurs at the beginning of the semester. Award decisions will not be available until after the semester begins.
Child Care Reimbursement for GSRs Registered GSR parents with non-school age dependent children. Must have at least a 25% appointment during the semester or summer session. Up to $900 per semester and $600 per summer. Submit completed form (PDF) and receipts to Graduate Services in 318 Sproul Hall. First day of the terms following the reimbursement term. Approximately 10 business days after submission.
Child Care Reimbursement Program for
Academic Student Employees
(GSIs, Readers, Tutors)
Reimbursement for child care expenses is available to eligible Academic Student Employees (ASEs). Article 4 of the UAW contract allows each eligible ASE to claim up to $900 per semester for expenses incurred during his/her appointment period and within the regular academic terms (Fall and Spring semesters) and up to $600 for expenses incurred during Summer Session appointment(s). For eligibility criteria and other important information about the program, see the ASE Child Care Reimbursement Factsheet (PDF).

All eligible ASEs interested in participating must complete and sign a Claim Form (UBEN 254) (PDF).

Claim Form and required documentation must be submitted by the last day of the regular academic term following the term in which the expenses were incurred and paid for. For more information.
Childbirth Accommodation Funding for Women Doctoral Students

Women doctoral students in good academic standing who hold a fellowship or Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) or Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) appointment, and who expect to give birth during the semester for which continued funding is sought.

Leave from regular duties for a period of six weeks immediately surrounding childbirth, without loss of financial support. Petition for Childbirth Accommodation Funding for Women Doctoral Students (PDF).

The student’s academic unit must submit all information required below to the Graduate Services Office, 318 Sproul Hall #5900, at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the leave.

Please refer to the March 8, 2007, memo: Policy on Accommodation of Research Doctoral Student Parent.
Types of Leave Academic Student Employees (ASEs) are eligible for certain types of leave. Policies are governed by the UAW contract.       For more information.

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