Catherine Portman Burrowing Owl Research Award — 2/28/2019

Criteria for award Open to both undergraduate and graduate students Student must be conducting research on burrowing owls Selection of recipients is based on academic achievement, as well as the potential impact of the research results. Apply via Google form. applications … Continued

Summer School of Molecular Medicine at Jena — 5/25/2014

The Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research of the University Hospital of Jena, Germany, invites young scientists to participate in the Summer School of Molecular Medicine. Held from August 18 to September 18 in Jena, this program will provide an excellent opportunity … Continued

Joanne Wood Scholarship — 4/12/2013

This scholarship was established to assist exceptional students with financial need in obtaining a masters or graduate degree in: business, mathematics, computer science, biology, physics or chemistry.


Berkeley students win a sizable share of environmental fellowships

In August, the Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation announced the winners of its half-million dollars worth of environmental fellowships and grants for 2011. There were 20 of them around the United States, master’s and Ph.D. students. Four — a fifth of the total — are pursuing studies at Berkeley.

Carol Greider

A former Cal student and her grad advisor share a Nobel

Elizabeth Blackburn, then a Berkeley professor, challenged her Ph.D. student Carol Greider in the 1980s with some research that clearly wasn’t easy. It turned out to be breakthrough stuff in molecular biology, but neither suspected at the time that it, with … Continued

John W. Gofman: a nuclear chemist who raised questions

In mid-August, John Gofman died at the age of 88. He was widely known in a variety of roles: physician, cardiac researcher, radiation scientist, and nuclear safety advocate. While working for his Ph.D. here in the 1940s under Glenn T. … Continued