Come to one (or both!) of these exciting graduate student career events this October.

career fair image
Birdseye view of 2,100 students and some 180 organizations participating in a Career Center job fair at UC Berkeley.

Fall is the perfect time to start scoping out jobs and internships—especially if you want to boost your work experience with a summer internship or are graduating this spring. Fortunately, the Career Center is putting on two events in October to help you in your career exploration:

  • Ph.D. Career Connections event (October 16 from 6-8 p.m. at the Career Center): This event gives graduate students the opportunity to meet Ph.D. alumni and employers representing a variety of professional fields.
  • Masters & Ph.D. Career Fair (October 17 from 12-4 p.m. at the Pauley Ballroom of the MLK Student Union): Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with employers, practice talking about your skills, or just learn more about your post-grad options.

If you’re considering attending either event but are nervous about what to expect—don’t worry, you’re not alone! The Career Center offers great tips for preparing for career networking events like these. You can also schedule an appointment with one of the Career Center’s dedicated Graduate Student and PhD Career Counselors to learn how to make the most of either event.

And remember—both the career fair and the career connections event are for everyone, whatever your discipline or program, and whether you’re graduating this year or still have several years of graduate school ahead.

While employers may not be hiring with your specific degree in mind, don’t let that deter you—all Berkeley grad students have incredibly valuable skills (like teaching, writing, and research) that are in high demand. If you can explain the skills you bring to the table, you’ll find lots of job opportunities waiting for you. (For more on this topic, check out our article about what it’s like to attend a career fair as a humanities PhD.)

Bring a friend for moral support, take a deep breath, and head over to one of these exciting events!

Linda Louie is the Professional Development Resource Coordinator in the Graduate Division of UC Berkeley.