Graduate funding opportunities for February, March, and beyond

Human Rights Center summer fellowships; Scholarships for children of California strawberry farmworkers; Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation Fellowship; Fellowships offered by the Institute of International Studies (IIS); CONICYT/BECAS Chile multi-year scholarships; Fulbright Scholar Competition

Would you like to work in Hong Kong?

Learn about opportunities at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, which is offering an array of faculty positions in one of the world’s most alluring cities.

Operational Excellence

Interested in Operational Excellence? Maybe looking for a thesis or dissertation topic?

Operational Excellence is a multi-project effort by UC Berkeley to improve operations and save money on the administrative expenditures, so that more of the budget can be devoted to teaching and research. Dean Szeri has been the faculty head of this effort since last January. As he wears two administrative hats, it's perhaps worthwhile to consider that OE (as Operational Excellence is known) may provide an interesting area to consider in your thesis or dissertation research.

ASUC Undergraduate/Graduate Mentorship Program (UGMP) logo

Have you ever thought about mentoring an undergrad?

The ASUC Undergraduate/Graduate Mentorship Program (UGMP) provides an opportunity for graduate students to mentor undergraduate students considering the pursuit of an advanced academic degree. The graduate student will offer advice and answers to the undergraduate who is interested in gaining more knowledge about his/her academic field of interest, the graduate school process, or just about future academic endeavors.

UHS/Tang sign

UHS: SHIP waiver, next-step insurance, winter closure

If you waived enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) in fall 2011, your waiver is effective for the entire 2011-12 academic year. January 4 is the deadline to waive enrollment in SHIP for spring/summer 2012. If you want UC SHIP coverage – no action is necessary.

The Graduate Social Club invites you to its Winter Wonderland party

The Graduate Social Club’s newest offering will be its semi-annual Winter Wonderland party, beginning at 8 p.m. on December 16 at BEC's Bar on 2271 Shattuck Avenue. The GSC announcement says, “Once you’ve rocked all your finals, come to our classy event. Ladies, break out those cocktail dresses, and guys, remember to wear pants.