Andrew Szeri

Think of yourself as a Primary Source

Any day you may find yourself chatting (by phone or email or Facebook or even in person) with a student who is considering coming to Berkeley.

You’re here, on the ground. You know the campus from the inside, and you have a unique kind of credibility: you’re a student now, doing the very thing your questioner is hoping to do, at one of the most desirable places in the world.

To augment your knowledge of Berkeley’s funding and more, we’ve prepared a detailed overview called Graduate Education at UC Berkeley.

Graduate funding opportunities for February, March, and beyond

Human Rights Center summer fellowships; Scholarships for children of California strawberry farmworkers; Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation Fellowship; Fellowships offered by the Institute of International Studies (IIS); CONICYT/BECAS Chile multi-year scholarships; Fulbright Scholar Competition

Alumni House Patio

Top Dog with Top Dogs: a meet-and-eat event

An afternoon of social networking and hot dogs at Alumni House. Admission comes with unlimited food and drink, and costs $3 per student. Register by February 22nd.

Would you like to work in Hong Kong?

Learn about opportunities at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, which is offering an array of faculty positions in one of the world’s most alluring cities.

Graduate Division's Facebook page

Grad Division goes social

As Dean Szeri mentioned in his message this month, the Graduate Division has expanded its online connections to include Facebook and Twitter.

More graduate funding opportunities for January and February

Find more information about The Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship, Chateaubriand Science Fellowship, Berkeley Language Center Research Fellowship, Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, a health care scholarship, and California Science and Technology Policy Fellowships.

Andrew Szeri

Quite a semester!

It’s been quite a semester. Classwork and research took place along with actions to support our University’s core mission and values, and to improve our campus’s operations. In local, state, and national settings, students, faculty, and staff joined to advocate passionately for investing in public education as a common good in a good society.

Graduate funding opportunities for January and February

Upcoming deadlines for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Postdoctoral Fellowships, Founder Region Fellowship, Clark Investment in Community Graduate Fellowship, Pursuit Award, and the Phi Beta Kappa Graduate Fellowships

Grad student takes on ’empathy fatigue’ in the workplace

Eve Ekman, a doctoral candidate in social welfare, has been exploring the harsh realities of emotional exhaustion in healthcare workers, which can have devastating consequences for their patients and hospitals as well as the workers themselves.

Arun Majumdar

Obama nominates Arun Majumdar as U.S. Under Secretary of Energy

A Berkeley-trained engineer, Arun Majumdar  Ph.D. ’89, is President Barack Obama’s nominee to serve as U.S. Under Secretary of Energy. Majumdar, a longtime member of the College of Engineering faculty, is already working with a familiar colleague, Secretary of Energy Steven … Continued

Saul Perlmutter and family

Perlmutter collects his Nobel

Accompanied by his wife, Laura Nelson, and daughter, Noa, Perlmutter and the other newly named Nobelists, their families, friends and colleagues arrived in Stockholm for the start of festivities on Tuesday, December 6.

Operational Excellence

Interested in Operational Excellence? Maybe looking for a thesis or dissertation topic?

Operational Excellence is a multi-project effort by UC Berkeley to improve operations and save money on the administrative expenditures, so that more of the budget can be devoted to teaching and research. Dean Szeri has been the faculty head of this effort since last January. As he wears two administrative hats, it’s perhaps worthwhile to consider that OE (as Operational Excellence is known) may provide an interesting area to consider in your thesis or dissertation research.

Our Common Commitment

Recent campus events highlight the urgency of engaging the issues of our day with intellectual rigor and conducting ourselves in ways that enable dialogue and debate without fracturing the community of which we are all part.

Occupy Cal

An extraordinary season: resources for comprehending the issues and events of recent weeks at Berkeley

Berkeley was not in its accustomed position at the cutting edge of the vanguard. Quietly conceived by Canadian and Spanish activists, the Occupy movement against economic and social inequality was born as protests in Kuala Lumpur in July before it reached Wall Street in New York and several sites in San Francisco in September, and city landmarks in Oakland and San Jose in the Bay Area and many locations worldwide in October.

Funding Opportunities for November through January

New funding opportunities include DOE Carlsbad Field Office Fellowship Programs, Dorothea Lange Fellowship, Department of Defense SMART Scholarship, Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program and more.

Roberto Hernandez and Layda Negrete

Grad students’ film ‘Presumed Guilty’ wins an Emmy for best investigative journalism

In light of the competition, Roberto Hernández didn’t expect to take home a trophy from September’s News & Documentary Emmy ceremony in New York.

But win he did — for outstanding investigative journalism — along with his wife and fellow UC Berkeley grad student, Layda Negrete, and fellow makers of Presumed Guilty (“Presunto Culpable”).

Have you ever thought about mentoring an undergrad?

The ASUC Undergraduate/Graduate Mentorship Program (UGMP) provides an opportunity for graduate students to mentor undergraduate students considering the pursuit of an advanced academic degree. The graduate student will offer advice and answers to the undergraduate who is interested in gaining more knowledge about his/her academic field of interest, the graduate school process, or just about future academic endeavors.

UHS/Tang sign

UHS: SHIP waiver, next-step insurance, winter closure

If you waived enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) in fall 2011, your waiver is effective for the entire 2011-12 academic year. January 4 is the deadline to waive enrollment in SHIP for spring/summer 2012. If you want UC SHIP coverage – no action is necessary.

The Graduate Social Club invites you to its Winter Wonderland party

The Graduate Social Club’s newest offering will be its semi-annual Winter Wonderland party, beginning at 8 p.m. on December 16 at BEC’s Bar on 2271 Shattuck Avenue. The GSC announcement says, “Once you’ve rocked all your finals, come to our classy event. Ladies, break out those cocktail dresses, and guys, remember to wear pants.

Graduate Funding Opportunities

ARIT Fellowships in the Humanities and Social Sciences in Turkey The American Research Institute in Turkey will offer ARIT fellowships for research in Turkey for the academic year 2012-2013. Grants for tenures up to one year will be considered; however, … Continued

the Tang Center

Mumps outbreak: UHS offers information and immunization

As information about the recent mumps outbreak emerges, recommendations are being refined to maximize the impact of immunization measures. UC Berkeley students living in congregate settings (high density housing with shared eating areas and bathroom facilities such as campus residence … Continued

Dissertation Writer’s Room Renovation

In June of 2010, the Doe Library and the Graduate Division opened a special place for graduate students who want to (or simply must) do some serious writing on their dissertations. Like that all-important first paragraph, it was a start. … Continued

Andrew Szeri

Each one teach one

I’m happy to convey the Graduate Division’s heartiest congratulations to Berkeley Professor of Physics Saul Perlmutter, who early this month shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for the simultaneous discovery — with two competitor-colleagues half a world away at the Australian National University — of the accelerating expansion of the universe.

arun majumdar

Grad students stage an energy symposium to change the world

Are you interested in the latest energy-and-resources breakthroughs in science, engineering, policy, economics, and more? Then you might want to mark your calendar for what’s happening at Berkeley on the 20th and 21st of October. It’s the BERC 2011 Energy Symposium, … Continued

Taiwan Partnership a Boon for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Last October Berkeley sealed an unprecedented partnership with Taiwan, setting the stage for an influx of cross-cultural resources in the humanities and social sciences. With this partnership, Berkeley becomes the first member of Taiwan’s Top University Strategic Alliance, a program created by the country’s Ministry of Education to increase the international exposure of top Taiwanese scholars and researchers.

Andrew Szeri

Mainly, the Graduate Division is here for you

Now that the semester is underway, I want to be sure you’re aware of various ways the Graduate Division might be able to assist you in the coming weeks and months, particularly if you’re new to Berkeley and haven’t yet fit us into your mental map of this complex campus.


Berkeley students win a sizable share of environmental fellowships

In August, the Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation announced the winners of its half-million dollars worth of environmental fellowships and grants for 2011. There were 20 of them around the United States, master’s and Ph.D. students. Four — a fifth of the total — are pursuing studies at Berkeley.

Sather Gate

Reaffirming Cal’s Principles of Community

Toward the end of August, Harry Le Grande, Berkeley’s vice chancellor for student affairs, and Andrew Szeri, dean of the Graduate Division, issued a joint statement for all new and returning Cal students. It said: UC Berkeley prides itself on … Continued

Graduate funding opportunities — September/November and beyond

The opportunities listed by name only were announced previously. (Links to applications and other details are available in an earlier post.) Recently received listings are posted below. Princeton Society of Fellows Postdoctoral Fellowships (September 30) Bay Area Water Quality Fellowship (November … Continued


Graduate Division Workshops: Fall 2011

(Several workshops in our fall series have already taken place, but more are coming up, as detailed below.) GROW Workshop September 20 (Tuesday), 2 to 4 p.m., 110 Sproul Hall How to Write an Academic Grant Proposal Registration is required … Continued

Fall 2011 Graduate Lectures

This fall: a season of great (and free) Graduate Lectures

The University of California, Berkeley, sponsors a variety of public lectures. The lectureships present eminent scholars, Nobel laureates, and prominent figures to the University and San Francisco Bay Area community. Join us for the Fall 2011 Graduate Council & Graduate Division … Continued

Andrew Szeri

Welcome (back) and here we go!

This summer certainly seemed to speed by. I kept busy helping with efforts to streamline our administration both in the Graduate Division and throughout campus. I enjoyed continuing to mentor the doctoral students in my lab group — and l even managed to hike in, through, and around the Alps!


The GSI Center’s Workshops on Teaching – Fall 2011

A professional development series for Graduate Student Instructors presented by the Graduate Division’s GSI Teaching & Resource Center, these Workshops on Teaching cover a wide variety of topics related to university teaching and the GSI experience and offer GSIs, and … Continued

UHS/Tang sign

Things you might want to know from UHS/Tang Center

New Student Guide to Getting Started — New to campus? Find out more about your campus health service by visiting University Health Service’s Go Tang, an online guide to getting started at the Tang Center.     Graduate Student Support … Continued

Joe Duggan

Celebrating Joe Duggan’s epic career as teacher, scholar, and dean

On June 30, Duggan handed over the reins of his associate deanship, having previously retired in 2005 from his formal teaching duties in two departments. Read a tribute to his long and distinguished career, view a slideshow of the decades, see messages from his colleagues and former students — and add your own message, if you like!

the people behind Austin Whitney and the "Austin" robotic exoskeleton

Grad students extend Austin’s powers

So how did a graduating senior double-majoring in history and political science and a team of engineering graduate students and their professor manage to grab more YouTube viewers than Denzel Washington, Conan O’Brien, the Dalai Lama, and Tom Hanks?

cherry trees - university of washington, seattle

Conferences and calls for papers

Conference on Ethical Considerations in Research Collaborations at the University of Washington, and a Call for papers for the International Society for Military Ethics Conference.

family-friendly commencement

A walk with mom

Six-and-a-half-month-old twins Thomas and Camille shared the spotlight at the Public Health commencement in Zellerbach Auditorium while their mother, Mi-Suk Kang Dufour, received her Ph.D. Alan Hubbard, associate professor of biostatistics, placed the doctoral hood over her head, which was … Continued

images from 2011 ogsi awards event

294 GSIs are celebrated as officially “Outstanding”

Of the many, many GSIs on campus, nearly 300 were singled out as Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors by the Graduate Division’s GSI Center — and 10 GSIs were given special recognition for their innovative solutions to teaching problems.

Steps to success, or how the fellowship was won

Sending in all those applications can pay off, and sometimes we hear about it. Case in point: Ph.D. student Vasundhara Sirnate was selected for a $30,000 award. She tells us how that happened.

Graduate Division Student Parent Grant

The Graduate Division administers a need-based grant for graduate students (single, married, or registered domestic partners) living with dependent children; if funding permits, awards of up to $8,000 per year ($4,000 per academic term) will be made to eligible applicants. … Continued

UHS/Tang sign

Two SHIP-related items from UHS/Tang Center

University Health Services, Tang Center is proud to announce our participation in the new 2011-12 University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP), a system-wide insurance plan covering more than 130,000 University of California students.

Robert Reich

Big Man On Campus: Robert Reich at Berkeley

Physically one of the smallest people on campus, Robert Reich has a vast list of accomplishments, a huge national reputation, and an ego to which none of that particularly matters.

Andrew Szeri

How to track your milestones

Did you know there’s a way you can see for yourself, day or night, where you stand with regard to some of the key milestones in your graduate education?

OGSI winner celebrating

Outstanding GSIs and their mentors are honored: a quick preview

Outstanding GSIs, and mentors of GSIs, were honored in droves over the past few weeks.  We’ll be saying more, in detail and with pictures, in the near future, but meanwhile here are the categories — at least those which fall under the umbrella of the Graduate Division (and, in one case, its partner, the Graduate Assembly).

Einhorn, Geissler, and Puckett are officially Distinguished

The Berkeley campus’s most prestigious award for teaching, the Distinguished Teaching Award is intended to encourage and recognize individual excellence in that endeavor. This year, the recipients were
 Robin Einhorn of professor of history, Phillip Geissler associate professor of chemistry (whose 2000 Ph.D. is from Berkeley), and
 Kent Puckett, associate professor of English.

Charlie Yeh

Bringing an engineer’s expertise to the diagnosis and cure of health problems, the Taiwanese Ph.D. student chose UC Berkeley, which has a joint program in bioengineering with UCSF Medical School, to launch a career that will seamlessly combine his interests in biology and engineering.

Share your opinion about course evaluations

Have you ever wondered how the course evaluations you fill out at the end of every semester are used to improve teaching and learning on campus? If you are a current UC Berkeley student, this is your chance to share your opinion on the subject!

ARCS Scholar Doubles His Impact

An ARCS Foundation Scholar, Brian is combining his Ph.D. studies in engineering with a master’s program through the Goldman School of Public Policy.

Peace Corps - Meera Chary

The Peace Corps is very Berkeley

In the half century since the Corps was founded, UC Berkeley has supplied more volunteers than any other university in the U.S. — over 3,400 in more than 120 countries.

Graduate Dean Andrew Szeri

How your (academic) travel can cost you less

For many graduate students, traveling to conduct research is among the most rewarding aspects of their studies. But it can be anxiety-producing to fund the costs of travel.

Graduate Funding Opportunities – April 2011 and beyond

Albert Newman Fellowship for Visually-Impaired Students, Summer Doctoral Fellows Program at Washington State University, UC MEXUS-CONACYT Doctoral Fellowships for Mexican Students, Guru Gobind Singh Fellowship,CIEE Ping Foundation Fellowships, American Institute of Indian Studies Fellowships, and the Humboldt Research Fellowship.

Doe Library after dark

Library extends hours during RRR and Finals Weeks

Moffitt Library and Gardner (main) Stacks will be extending 24-Hour Study to include RRR Week and Finals Week this semester. For spring semester 2011, Moffitt Library and Gardner (main) Stacks will be open continuously from Sunday, May 1 at 1 p.m. through Friday, May 13 at 7 p.m.