On May 5, 2020 from 2-3 p.m., the Graduate Division’s leadership team hosted a virtual Graduate Student Town Hall to answer many of our graduate student community’s questions and concerns using Zoom’s webinar service.

Below is a recording of the event. We plan to post many of the questions and answers on the Graduate Division’s COVID-19 information hub.


  • Welcome from Vice Provost and Dean Lisa García Bedolla (2 minutes)
  • Panelist introductions (8 minutes)
  • Panelists answer questions submitted in advance (30 minutes)
  • Panelists answer recently submitted questions (15-20 minutes)
  • Thanks and closing remarks

Town Hall Speakers

Lisa García Bedolla
Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division
Lisa García Bedolla became the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and the Dean of the Graduate Division in July 2019. The chief advocate for graduate education and research at Berkeley, she is a member of academic and administrative leadership groups convened by the Chancellor and the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost. The Dean of the Graduate Division ensures equity and fairness across the disciplines, collaborates across the spectrum of campus stakeholders, and builds diverse sources of academic, financial, personal, and professional development support for more than 11,000 doctoral and master’s students throughout their studies.


Eric Falci
Associate Dean (2017-present); Associate Professor of English

Eric Falci oversees fellowship and other student financial support matters, student well-being and welfare issues, graduate professional development programs, and liaises with the Graduate Council subcommittee on Graduate Professional Development.



Gail Brager
Associate Dean (2018 – present); Professor of Architecture

Gail Brager oversees admission allotments, the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program, the GSI Teaching and Resource Center, Graduate Writing Center, as well as mentoring programs. She reviews academic program proposals and requests for exceptions to academic policies, and represents the Graduate Division in supporting the campus’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and services.



Andrea Rex
Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Services and Interim Chief of Staff

Andrea Rex manages the staff and overall operations in the admissions, fellowships, appointments, degrees, and student life units, implements new policies and executes changes to existing policies related to graduate student services, approves exceptions as delegated by the associate deans and makes recommendations on specific issues or cases. She also advises departments and students on issues of probation, lapsing, dismissal, and sensitive student matters and oversees processes to ensure compliance of students and department administrators with existing requirements and policies.

Linda Song
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

Linda Song is an advisor and subject matter expert on graduate educational policy. In her role, she consults with proposers on new graduate degree and non-degree proposals, as well as changes in the degree requirements of existing graduate programs, advises on formal graduate student appeals, acts as liaison to the Graduate Council, and represents the Graduate Dean on academic student employee contract negotiation teams in coordination with Labor Relations.


Jeret Lemontt
Director of Degrees

Jeret Lemontt manages the Graduate Division’s degrees team, coordinates blanket approvals, and responds to inquiries regarding academic progress.




Larissa Charnsangavej 
Director of Graduate Student Life
Larissa Charnsagavej supports graduate students around issues that affect their well-being — such as health education and wellness, housing, parenting support, community-building, and campus climate. She coordinates opportunities for engagement, advocates for the unique needs of graduate students, and represent the Graduate Division on various campus committees to address graduate student needs, including campus partners in the Graduate Assembly, Student Affairs, and other units that offer services to graduate students.


Vicky Lee
Director of Graduate Student Funding

Vicky Lee leads the Graduate Division’s Fellowships Unit in their efforts to support graduate programs in the area of student funding and academic student employment. The Fellowships Unit is responsible for administering both campus-wide and external fellowship programs such as the Berkeley and Chancellor’s Fellowships, the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program, and the Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship.




Director of Communications

Kathleen Aycock directs the Graduate Division’s communications strategy and manages the development and execution of digital communication technologies such as student communications, web management and content, Graduate Division publicationssocial media, and event communications.


Marshall Glaze

Content and Social Media Manager

As a Content and Social Media Manager, Marshall Glaze works with Graduate Division staff to promote resources and services, execute outreach strategies, and extend the reach of ideas to students, support staff, faculty, and donors.