Angela Hart posing with Barack Obama

J-School student wins WHCA Scholarship and meets President Obama

Angela Hart, a student in the Graduate School of Journalism, was a recipient of the 2013 White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) Student Scholarship. In April, Hart attended the WHCA awards dinner in Washington D.C. and a luncheon with President Obama.

Steven Chu

Energy Secretary advances nano science in spare time

Apparently the most-Berkeley person in the Obama cabinet, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu (former director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley Ph.D. '76), makes scientific contributions, and news, even while he takes it easy. "In his down time, often while flying somewhere," reported AP science writer Seth Borenstein, Chu "relaxes by tackling a scientific conundrum and stretching the limits of technology."

JoAnne Stubbe

Two scientists, both with Berkeley graduate degrees, are now “national icons”

The microphones did not pick up Barack Obama’s private words to MIT biochemist JoAnne Stubbe just before he draped the ribbon with her National Medal of Science around her neck, but his public ones were of gratitude on behalf of the American people. Minutes before, he had expressed similar sentiments about retired physicist Berni Alder.

Steven Chu

Dr. Chu goes to Washington

His full name is Steven Chu. That he’s not a very formal guy is clear from the headline from the news released by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which he currently heads — “Obama Picks Berkeley Lab Director Steve Chu for Energy Secretary.”