The Department of Materials Science and Engineering offers three graduate degree programs: the Master of Engineering (MEng), 5th Year Bachelor of Science and Master of Science (BS/MS), and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Master of Engineering (MEng)

In collaboration with other departments in the College of Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering is offering a professional masters degree. The accelerated program is designed to develop professional engineering leaders in materials science and engineering who are seeking knowledge and leadership experience in MSE.

Prospective students will be engineers, typically with industrial experience, who aspire to substantially advance in their careers and ultimately to lead large, complex organizations, both in the public and private sectors.

You may choose to apply to either the full-time one-year program or part-time program for working professionals. You will be asked to choose which option you will be considered for during the application process. Both options employ the same standards and criteria for admissions.

5th Year Bachelor of Science and Master of Science (BS/MS)

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering offers a five-year combined BS/MS program to our undergraduate student cohort. In this program, the existing four-year undergraduate program (BS) will be augmented with a fifth year of graduate study that provides a professionally-oriented component, preparing students for careers in engineering or engineering management within the business, government, and industrial sectors. This five-year program emphasizes interdisciplinary study through an independent project coupled to coursework.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Students pursuing the PhD may also declare a designated emphasis (DE) in one of the following programs: Communication, Computation, and Statistics; Computational and Genomic Biology; Computational Science and Engineering; Energy Science and Technology; or Nanoscale Science and Engineering.