UC Berkeley's School of Journalism is looking for leaders to become the next generation of journalists--strongly motivated individuals with reverence for truth, a hunger to discover and to inform, a deep regard for thorough analysis, and an ardent embrace of civic engagement.

The digital explosion has created an unparalleled appetite for news as more and more people hunger to witness, experience, and learn about what's happening around them. That's why, more than ever, our world needs professionals who are committed to reporting on current events with precision and eloquence. You'll be prepared not just to make a living, but to make a difference.

Our Master of Journalism degree (MJ) demands a rigorous two-year immersion. That commitment is what's needed for you to achieve the full range of proficiencies to be a twenty-first-century journalist: narrative writing, audio, photography, video production, multimedia storytelling, data, and investigative-based journalism.

By the end of your second year you will have created a portfolio of ambitious, high-quality work, much of it published--with the help of our exceptional faculty of seasoned journalists. What's more, a vibrant worldwide network of media professionals, many of them alumni, will be open to you; professionals who fully appreciate what having a Berkeley Master of Journalism degree means. Concurrent degree programs in Asian Studies and Public Health are available.