Paula Argenteri
Center of attention — Paula Argentieri, with her award and her “peeps”. (Photo: Peg Skorpinski)

At the annual Chancellor’s Awards for Public Service ceremony, which took place April 24, two Ph.D. candidates were singled out for their extensive community work. Paula Agentieri of the School of Education’s social and cultural studies program was honored for her 14 semester of serving as the lead GSI and co-cordinator for Education 190, the core class for education minors, during which she has taught more than 1,000 students and has trained more than 70 undergraduate teaching assistants to teach and facilitate a class democratically and to serve the local community.

Nilofar Sami
Nilofar Sami, Psychology Department

Nilofar Sami of the Department of Psychology’s clinical science program has volunteered year-round each of the last three years, serving the charter high school CAL Prep, in which UC Berkeley is a partner. She has taught 85 students each summer, advised three cohorts of CAL Prep students (about 200 in each), and coached parents in ways to become more involved in their children’s education.