President Obama meets with White House Fellows in the Roosevelt Room
President Obama meets with White House Fellows in the Roosevelt Room

White House Fellows typically are full-time, paid assistants to senior White House staff, the Vice President, Cabinet secretaries, and other top-ranking government officials.  These are demanding assignments, requiring a capacity for quick learning and a willingness to work hard, often for long hours.

An important aspect of the fellowship is the education program, wherein renowned leaders from the private and public sectors meet with fellows in sessions that are off the record, lively, and frank.  Fellows receive a salary (federal pay grade GS-14, step 3) and benefits from the agency for which they work.  Fellows leave their year with more experience in public policy decision-making, and are expected to contribute to the nation as greater leaders in their respective communities, professions, and in public service.

For more information, visit the White House Fellows website.

View a short video on the program.

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