Image of Shinnyo Fellowship logoThe Shinnyo Fellowship provides advising and monetary support to undergraduate and graduate students who desire to implement a service, peace-building, and/or sustainable social change project locally, nationally, or globally. Project proposals should be innovative, action-oriented, and emphasize peace-building.

Stipend: $3,000. Application deadline: 5pm on April 1, 2013.

Through the fellowship students will:

  • Enhance their understanding of how to contribute to the health of an identified community, develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become transformative community leaders, and increase one’s ability to engage in reflection
  • Nurture an awareness of how their inner and outer paths contribute to justice and peace-building
  • Significantly impact an identified community through a service or peace-building project off campus

More information is available at Shinnyo Fellowship Application  or email Mike Bishop.

The Shinnyo Fellowship is a program of the Cal Corps Public Service Center at UC Berkeley, which connects ideas, resources, and people to act for social justice, build healthy communities, and foster life-long commitments to public service. The Center partners with the community, student leaders and faculty to engage over 6,000 students each year as volunteers, and through jobs, internships, and courses.