The Center for Race & Gender welcomes proposals from graduate students to support research or creative projects. Project topics should be consonant with CRG’s mandate to support critical student research on race, gender, and their intersections in a wide variety of social, cultural, and institutional contexts, especially on the Berkeley campus and its neighboring communities, but also in California, the nation, or the world. Proposals that address both race and gender will be prioritized, and proposals that do not address race at all will be de-prioritized. Projects may be oriented toward academic research or may approach race and gender issues from the perspectives of the media, fine arts, and performing arts.

Graduate Grants: $200 – $1,000 

Eligibility: Applications can be submitted by any student enrolled in a graduate program at UC. Berkeley. Proposals that support dissertation or thesis research are strongly encouraged.

Guidelines: Grants are intended to fund students’ own independent research, rather than contributory research for a broader faculty project.  Students are encouraged to include a specific research question that they hope to answer in their proposals.  For creative projects, students are asked to include a thesis statement for their project and a critical race and/or gender analysis for why the project is important. Strong proposals will include a critical race and/or gender analysis.  It is recommended that applicants send a draft of their proposal to their faculty mentor with enough time to incorporate their mentor’s feedback.

If you do not receive confirmation of receipt within one week of sending your proposal, please inquire with the CRG staff at [email protected].

The application deadline is Monday, April 1, 2019, by 3 pm. More information is available on the CRG website.