The Kenneth E. and Dorothy V. Hill Fellowship Fund will provide one year-long fellowship to graduate students from any campus of the University of California who are conducting research that would benefit from the use of source materials in The Bancroft Library. The holders of the fellowships, designated as Bancroft Fellows, will conduct their research in The Bancroft Library during the one-year tenure of the fellowship and must therefore be registered during the academic year at Berkeley or their home campus under the inter-campus exchange program.

Students must be beyond the first year of graduate study; in the past, awards have generally gone to students who have passed their qualifying examinations, have exhausted other forms of support, and are engaged in dissertation research.

In addition, The Friends of The Bancroft Library will award $15,000 in fellowships for summer study to graduate students from any University of California campus in the form of stipends ranging from $1,000 (2-4 weeks residence) to $3,000 (6-8 weeks residence).

The deadline is February 5, 2018. For more information, see the Bancroft Library website