Aditi Muralidharan
Computer science doctoral candidate Aditi Muralidharan

Aditi Muralidharan, a doctoral student in computer science, has changed the nature of literary scholarship by introducing something like human intuition to the process of searching via computer, thereby shrinking what used to take days and months to mere minutes.

(Her own research is doing double duty, simplifying life for humanities scholars and forming a significant portion of her dissertation.)

You can read Nicole Freeling’s feature on Aditi at the systemwide UC Office of Research site.

Marti Hearst
Marti Hearst

Aditi’s Ph.D. adviser is Marti Hearst, a professor with an affiliate appointment to the Computer Sciences Division, but whose primary base is the School of Information. Hearst is well known in the field of search; one of her primary research interests is user interfaces for search engines. All three of her degrees are in computer science, and every one of them is from Berkeley: B.A. ’85, M.S. ’89, and Ph.D. ’94.