Rosemary-Joyce-Big-GiveGraduate education at Berkeley is fueled by many forces: great minds with a passion for discovery; a drive to approach problems in new ways to innovate new solutions, and philanthropy.

You may have heard about the upcoming “Big Give” when Berkeley will launch a fundraising initiative piloted elsewhere to noteworthy success. Focusing on a given day — November 20, 2014 — our campus will leverage social media to motivate Berkeley’s friends and supporters and spark alumni engagement, garner donation dollars, and strengthen all that philanthropy makes possible for this campus.

The Graduate Division’s focus in the Big Give is the critical importance of fellowship funding for more than 4,000 of our campus’s 10,000 students. In this new video, Nobel Laureate and Berkeley Professor Randy Schekman explains why he personally gives to graduate fellowships, contributing part of his Nobel winnings to support a new generation of Berkeley scholars.

We are highlighting the Student Mentoring And Research Teams (SMART) program, as you can read in this month’s feature story and view in another new video that describes the unique construct and value of SMART. Gifts to SMART will be matched dollar-for-dollar as an expression of our commitment to continuing these graduate/undergraduate student research teams.

I hope you will share news of our philanthropic priorities with those who have the resources to fuel the important work we are are pursuing as a graduate community. Give out the word on the Big Give!

Fiat Lux,

Rosemary A. Joyce