Fiona M. Doyle

In the last several months, the nation has seen an escalation of tension and conflict in all manner of political expression. Last spring on the Berkeley campus, we saw events that turned violent. In contrast, last week our campus maintained peace while people of varying political viewpoints assembled to hear and debate a controversial speaker.

This temperate conduct reinforces my optimism that the Berkeley community can “go high” (as former First Lady Obama famously advocated) when challenged. Participants largely acted in ways compatible with UC Berkeley’s Principles of Community.

It is no accident that the values and aspirations reflected in our Principles of Community are inextricably linked to characteristics of good scholarship and professionalism: intellectual rigor, honesty, and integrity in developing and examining viewpoints, with civility and respect for one another’s humanity.

Berkeley’s graduate students are second to none in being exemplars of these characteristics, both in their classroom and in the wider community. I am continually impressed by the combination of your seriousness of purpose and your passion for a better world for all. Let’s continue to “go high” together.

With warm regards,

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Fiona M. Doyle
Vice Provost for Graduate Studies
and Dean of the Graduate Division