Most of you have come to know the GSI Teaching & Resource Center through our Teaching Conference for First-time GSIs or our online course, Professional Standards and Ethics in Teaching. But what happens after the first few weeks or semesters of teaching when you need input? Where do you turn when you need feedback on your teaching-related materials for the academic job search? At the GSI Teaching & Resource Center you can access confidential, one-on-one consultations with experienced Teaching Consultants who can support your development as an instructor at any stage of your teaching.

To schedule a confidential, one-on-one consultation with a Teaching Consultant, please complete this form

How a Teaching Consultant Can Assist You 

Foster student participation: Our Teaching Consultants can assist you in tailoring instruction to draw on the strengths of your students and to get them involved in ways that will enhance motivation. They can also help you plan activities that will help your students take charge of their reading and come prepared to actively participate.

Create an inclusive classroom environment: Our Teaching Consultants have expertise in fostering inclusion in teaching and can meet with you or observe your class to make suggestions. 

Incorporate student feedback from mid-term evaluations: Reviewing student feedback with a Teaching Consultant can help you identify areas for improvement and steps you can take to move forward in your teaching. 

Grade efficiently: Our Teaching Consultants can assist you in creating a grading rubric to give higher quality, targeted feedback that your students can use to strengthen their learning. 

Get teaching feedback: Want to be recorded in the classroom and walk through it afterward with a Teaching Consultant to set goals for your teaching in the future? This is a service offered free-of-charge by the GSI Teaching & Resource Center.

Prepare a Summer Sessions course: One of our Teaching Consultants can work with you to develop a well-designed syllabus that fosters evidenced-based learning. 

Prepare teaching documents or demonstrations for the academic job search: We provide consultations that can help you showcase the excellent skills you have developed as a GSI at Berkeley.

Meet our Teaching Consultants

Noah Katznelson (she/her)

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Education. Through my research, I explore how societal ideologies shape educational policies and practices. In particular, my work brings attention to the ways neoliberal framings erase the deep cultural, historical, and political roots of Latinx and other racialized groups that bilingual education was originally designed to serve. I have taught in a variety of contexts including as a lecturer at San Francisco State University and a GSI at UC Berkeley. 

Sarah Manchanda

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Education (School Psychology). My research and clinical work is guided by a  belief that meaningful inclusion begins with social and emotional wellbeing. My dissertation research focuses on examining the cyberbullying and bystander intervention experiences of students with learning disabilities.  In my life prior to graduate school I worked as a Special Education teacher in Washington D.C. and a curriculum developer in an NGO-run school system in South India. I have experience coaching K-12 teachers and love the opportunity to partner with GSIs to promote accessibility and access in teaching, assessment, and the classroom environment (both physical and virtual).

Kristen Nelson

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology.  Broadly, my research examines how deeply internalized racial and gender attitudes are shaped by social factors such as political party and one’s parents’ levels of education.  My dissertation examines the social roots of implicit racial bias, an automatic type of racial attitude that perpetuates unconscious discrimination in countless social contexts.  As a Teaching Consultant, I especially enjoy supporting GSIs in identifying how, concretely, they can minimize exclusion and encourage every student to actively engage in the learning process.

To schedule a confidential, one-on-one consultation with a Teaching Consultant, please complete this form.