Commemorate The 50 Year Anniversary of The Free Speech Movement

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Choose a line. Turn on the camera. Record. Send.

Commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Free Speech Movement by participating in the collaborative 4 minute Cloud Film we’re making with UC Berkeley. The film will launch October 1, 2014, which marks 50 years from the student sit-in at UC Berkeley that began it all.

Tiffany ShlainTiffany Shlain and the Moxie Institute Film Team will weave together original footage from historic speeches by Mario Savio and Martin Luther King, Jr., with videos from all of you reading their words. We will feature as many submission videos as possible, demonstrating that Free Speech is at its strongest when diverse voices and perspectives come together.

The deadline to submit is Friday, August 8, 2014.

Record a video of yourself on your cell phone, tablet or computer reading one or more lines from our short script. We hope you’ll join us. It just takes a couple minutes. Click here for script and more details to participate.
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