What you won't have to do when filing your dissertation or thesis: in olden days (not that long ago, really) before electronic filing, it was done in person. Sometimes there was a wait. (Photo: Dick Corten)

A reminder to graduate students: the filing deadline is December 16, 2011 for a Fall 2011 degree.

Please remember that all dissertations must be submitted electronically. We’re pleased to announce that master’s students can now file their thesis electronically as well! Always be sure to consult the most current guidelines documents on our website for step-by-step formatting and filing instructions.

If you miss the deadline for fall, keep in mind that you can register in at least 3 units next summer sessions and file during the summer for next fall’s degree (that deadline will be August 10, 2012).

Thesis Filing Guide (Master’s students only)
Dissertation Filing Guide (Doctoral students only)
Graduate Services: Degrees Office