We are happy to announce an expansion of the Graduate Division’s Conference Travel Grant program for doctoral and academic master’s students.  Eligible students may now receive grants to fund professional development opportunities. The basic terms of the program remain the same. Academic master’s students are eligible for one such grant in total per academic career, which they may use to attend a conference at which they are presenting a paper or to support a professional development activity.

Doctoral students are eligible for two grants in total during their academic career, which they may divide between conference attendance and professional development opportunities as they see fit. The grant amounts for conference travel have not changed (up to $600 in California, $900 elsewhere in North America, and $1,500 outside of North America). The amounts provided for professional development support will vary depending on the actual costs, but in no case will a grant exceed $1,500.

Graduate students should speak with their advisors and mentors to determine how best to utilize their grant(s). There are many different kinds of professional development opportunities that would fit within the terms of this expanded grant, many of which will be specific to certain disciplines, fields, and career trajectories.  Please visit GradPro if you would like assistance locating suitable professional development opportunities.

The application procedure remains unchanged, with one exception. While grants for conference presentations require the approval of the graduate student’s academic advisor, applications to use this funding for professional development opportunities can be approved either by the student’s academic advisor or the Assistant Dean of Student Services in the Graduate Division. 

Please contact Fellowships Administrator Michael Parra, michaelandrewparra@berkeley.edu, if you have any questions. 

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