The Summer Meal Plan is for any student — including graduate students — who is not living in a residence hall and who is registered for summer or fall classes.

Let Cal Dining do the Cooking So You Can Enjoy the Sunshine

Enjoy the sunshine this summer. No grocery shopping. No cooking. No dishes to wash. Take — or teach — your classes, do your research, break bread with your friends, and get outside too. You can use your meal plan points any way you want — to eat meals, buy snacks, cappuccinos, concessions at Cal games, or in any combination.

Inexpensive, Flexible, and Loaded with Discounts

  • Inexpensive: The Cal Dining Summer Meal Plan is inexpensive: for a minimum purchase of only $300 (for 300 points), you can purchase about 1–2 meals plus snacks, drinks, and more per day. Use your points at any time while summer classes are in session.
  • Flexible: You can use your points in the Dining Commons or Cal Dining restaurants and cafes, and you can add points at any time.
  • Discounts: The Summer Meal Plan gives you great discounts on meals in the dining commons and at other Cal Dining restaurants and cafes.
    • Get a $4 discount on each meal purchased at the dining commons.
    • You can add points at any time at a 10% discount, which you can use at any Cal Dining location that is open this summer.

When summer is ending and you have enjoyed the freedom that comes with not cooking, you can sign up for a Graduate Meal Plan for the fall/spring semesters. Learn more about the Summer Meal Plan or sign up for the Summer Meal Plan.