conference photoThe theme for the 19th Annual University of Kentucky Graduate Philosophy Conference is “Technology Today.” Technology permeates virtually all aspects of our lives, shaping them in increasingly radical ways. The nature, influence, and future of technology have been topics of debate in the last hundred years but are not frequently a matter of sustained philosophical discussion. Philosophical enquiry on this subject should aim to provide, among other things, a theoretical framework for understanding the fundamental ways in which humans interact with and are shaped by technology.

The UK Philosophy Graduate Student Association invites graduate students to submit papers addressing the wide range of questions relating to contemporary technology. Both continental and analytic approaches are welcome. Presentations will be followed by a commentary from a graduate student.

Submission Guidelines

  • Papers should be suitable for a 30-min presentation, up to 4000 words
  • Submit two documents: paper prepared for blind review; cover letter containing a) name b) institutional affiliation c) contact information d) title of the paper
  • Send these two documents (in doc, docx, or pdf) to [email protected] by January 12, 2016

Conference is on March 5, 2016 at the University of Kentucky, Lexington. The keynote address by Professor Iain Thomson of University of New Mexico is entitled “Phenomenology, Technology, and the Political.”