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The UC Berkeley Library’s Office of Scholarly Communication Services is thrilled to announce that we have added PressbooksEDU to the suite of digital publishing platforms that all UC Berkeley scholars can use to develop and release their digital scholarship. Now, anyone with an e-mail address can create a digital book or project of any length, and have that work hosted online, and/or export it to any digital format (EPUB, MOBI, XML, PDF, etc.) for downloading or sharing.

The Library supports numerous publishing software and platforms to help researchers bring their digital scholarship to life. PressbooksEDU is a terrific addition to this suite of offerings. Quickly becoming the preferred tool for educators and writers publishing open textbooks (also called open educational resources or “OERs”) and other content, PressbooksEDU offers a number of features to support both open access (e.g Creative Commons license options) and accessibility for those with visual impairments.

UC Berkeley is the first university to make PressbooksEDU available university-wide to everyone at the institution. To facilitate broad campus uptake, a hub website, has been created where users can sign up for an account and get started writing a book. The site will also serve to highlight UC Berkeley-authored books created on the new platform. (We plan to expand this recognition further to highlight all open textbooks created by UC Berkeley authors regardless of platform used, which is why we have registered the domain for future use.)

You can read all about the licensing of Pressbooks in the news release, and in the guidelines for authors (which we made on Pressbooks, if you want to see an example of an end product).

If you have any questions that aren’t answered on the new site, please e-mail And if you’d like first-hand experience with using Pressbooks, register for and come to a workshop on April 26!

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