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Fellowships Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am expecting a fellowship stipend and have not received my payment. What’s required before payment is made?

Unless noted otherwise in one's award letter, recipients of fellowship stipends from the Graduate Division may expect their payments on August 25th for the Fall and January 25th for the Spring. The Graduate Division will not pay stipend awards for students who are not registered. To be considered registered, a student must have enrolled in at least one class and cleared any registration blocks; at least the first installment of the student's tuition and fees (formerly called registration and educational fees) must also have been paid.

As described below, International students must submit tax information to Payroll. Awards will not be disbursed until proper tax forms are submitted.

Graduate students are strongly encouraged to sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Enrolling in EFT expedites the receipt of funds and prevents checks from being mailed to the wrong address. Please sign up at the EFT website. (If you have previously authorized EFT, it will remain in effect. Please note: EFT for fellowship stipend payments is separate from automatic payroll deposit for GSI/GSR positions. Each needs to be authorized separately). If a student has not enrolled in EFT, a check will be issued. An email notification will be sent to him or her once the fellowship stipend check is available for pick-up at Cal Student Central, 120 Sproul Hall.  If the check is not picked up within a week, it may be mailed to their local address on file in BearFacts (if no past due balance exists) or it will be cancelled. Re-issuance of a check usually takes about three weeks.

Q: Are taxes withheld from my fellowship? How do I file tax returns for fellowship income?

Federal taxes are not withheld from fellowships awarded to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Federal taxes will be withheld (at a rate of 14%) for international students who are not exempt on the basis of an applicable tax treaty. Additional information regarding the taxation of fellowship awards can be found on the IRS website. See the web for information provided by the Student Legal Clinic and about the Hope Tax Credit and Lifetime Learning Tax Credit. The Berkeley International Office website also has general information regarding taxes for international students.

Q: As an international graduate student, do I have to submit any special forms before receiving my stipend?

All international students must submit tax information to Payroll via the online GLACIER system.

If you do not complete the GLACIER process (and submit any required forms or documents), your fellowship stipend will be held. Please make sure that you have enough funds to support yourself until fellowship payment can be made.

Please contact your academic department as soon as possible to set up your Glacier account. Your department support staff will complete an initial GLACIER Information Form; you will then receive a copy of the form and an email message (from containing your logon ID and GLACIER password. Within ten days of receiving the email, please log into GLACIER and provide U.C. Berkeley with the tax information that is necessary for determining the proper amount of tax to be withheld from your payment(s). After completing your GLACIER tax status record, print, review, sign, and date the tax documents that GLACIER generates. Send those documents, along with any required attachments noted on the Tax Summary, to the address indicated on the Tax Summary Report Instructions. Please provide your Department with copies of all documents.

Q: Where can I find information about fellowships and other funding opportunities?

The best source is the Web. Begin by visiting these sites:

You may also try resources like:

Q: I am an international graduate student. What fellowships or financial assistance am I eligible for?

Although international students are not eligible for the federal financial assistance programs for U.S. citizens and permanent residents, they are eligible for some University fellowships and departmental block grant fellowships. Entering students should follow the instructions in the Graduate Application for Admission and Fellowships. Continuing international students should apply to their departments. International students interested in extramural fellowships should also try the web sites listed above.

For information on the International Graduate Student Parent Grant, work study, loans, and other financial resources for international students, please refer to the Berkeley International Office website.

Q: Are there any fellowships for traveling?

The Graduate Division offers conference travel grants for masters and Ph.D. students attending professional conferences. Applicants must be traveling to present a paper or poster on their dissertation research.

Students wishing to study at King’s College, Cambridge may apply for the Sydney Ehrman Fellowship; undergraduate seniors, graduate students in any field of study at Berkeley, and students who hold a bachelor's degree from Yale University are eligible. This fellowship is administered by the Graduate Division, and is not a campus exchange program. More information is available on the Fellowships & Awards Deadlines page.

The George Lurcy Fellowship is open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents who wish to study or conduct research in France. Research topics should pertain to France and require travel to that country. More information is available on the Fellowships & Awards Deadlines page.

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program offers fellowships to graduating seniors, graduate students, young professionals and artists who wish to study abroad for one academic year.An English Teaching Assistant program is also available. More information is available from the Fulbright Program website.

The Luce Scholars Program provides an intensive experience in Asia for young Americans who show evidence of potential leadership and accomplishment. You may find more information on the Fellowships & Awards Deadlines page.

Ph.D. students who will be conducting overseas dissertation research may apply for a Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship. The fellowship provides funding for six to 12 months of research in modern foreign language and area studies. More information is available from the U.S. Department of Education website.

The Sponsored Projects Office provides links to a number of travel grants for postdoctoral fellows and scholars; some may be available to pre-doctoral students.

Continuing students may also apply to their departments, centers, or organized research units for traveling fellowships.

Q: I received another fellowship besides the one from Berkeley. Is it okay to combine them?

In general, recipients of Graduate Division funding may not receive more than $31,000 in stipend funding during the 12-month academic year (Fall, Spring, and the following summer). One is also forbidden from receiving two full Graduate Division fellowships (each composed of a stipend plus tuition and fees) at the same time. Your fellowship offer may be withdrawn or modified by the Fellowships Office. NOTE: Recipients of external fellowships should refer to the guidelines provided by the awarding agencies.

Q: I have a fellowship from Berkeley, and I’m being offered an academic appointment in my department. Am I allowed to work while holding a fellowship?

Unless further restricted in an award letter, recipients of Graduate Division fellowships that pay tuition and fees (formerly called registration and educational fees) and provide at least $16,000 in stipend support may work up to 25% time during the academic year (that is, 25% each term or 50% for one term only). There is no work restriction for the summer term. Any exception to this policy must be approved by the Associate Dean of Fellowships upon recommendation of the graduate adviser.

Some fellowships do not allow employment (e.g., dissertation awards). Other fellowships, like the Dean’s Normative Time Fellowship, limit employment to one semester and restrict it to certain academic titles (GSI, AI-GS, GSR, Reader, or Tutor appointments). Please refer to the award letter and fellowship acceptance form.

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