Applications for Candidacy

Application for Candidacy for the Master’s Degree (Plan I) – (PDF)

Advancement to Candidacy for Master’s Degree (Plan II) – (DOC)

Application for Candidacy (Plan B) – Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Education, Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Public Health

Application for Candidacy for Ph.D. Degree (Plan A) – Buddhist Studies, Logic & Methodology of Science, and Interdisciplinary programs

Application for Candidacy for Ph.D. Degree in the Joint Doctoral Program with GTU (Plan A) – (PDF)

Application for Candidacy in the Joint Doctoral Program (Plan B) –  Bioengineering, Educational Leadership, Medical Anthropology, Special Education

Other Degrees Forms

Filing Fee Application Form (PDF)

In absentia Form (PDF)

Doctoral Candidacy Review for Doctoral Students (GLOW) — Must be completed each year by doctoral students advanced to candidacy

Application for Qualifying Examination (PDF) — Completed application must be received by the Graduate Division at least 3 weeks before the proposed examination date.

Request for Certificate of Degree Completion (Electronic Request) — May take up to 10 days to process.

Survey of Doctoral Student Opinions (PDF) — Submitted when dissertation is filed.

Dissertation Release Form (PDF) — Submitted when dissertation is filed.

Masters Thesis Release Form (PDF) — Submitted when thesis is filed.

Petitions, Appeals and Readmission

Application for Readmission (Office of Registrar site)

Petition for Parenting Leave (PDF)

Graduate Petition for Change of Major or Degree Goal (Office of Registrar site)

Petition to Change Class Schedule (Office of Registrar site)

Petition for Credit by Examination (Office of Registrar site)

Petition for Late Enrollment/Registration (Office of Registrar site)

Graduate Appeal Procedure | Form (PDF)

Forms Submitted by Faculty or Staff

Request for an Exception for Non-senate Member to Serve on Higher Degree Committee (PDF)

Request for Change in Higher Degree Committee (PDF) — Also known as “Reconstitution”.

Report on the Qualifying Examination (PDF) — Must be submitted to the Graduate Division no later than 2 weeks after the exam.

Nominations for Graduate & Faculty Advisers (Login to GLOW)