Our activities include:

Quality Assurance of Academic Programs

  • Administer policies of the Graduate Council and Academic Senate
  • Maintain academic standards for graduate program admissions and continued study
  • Manage graduate enrollment via admission allocations to programs
  • Help programs prepare new degree proposals
  • Provide data on program quality
  • Participate in academic program reviews
  • Survey students (incoming, mid-career, graduating, first placements) and doctoral alumni

Services for Staff and Administrators

  • Streamline rules and regulations
  • Consult with Head Graduate Advisors, Chairs of programs, and the Deans of the Schools and Colleges
  • Provide professional development to Graduate Student Affairs Officers in academic programs

Services for Students

  • Track academic progress from admission to candidacy and degree conferral
  • Verify eligibility for academic appointments/campus employment
  • Coordinate with graduate student life and campus wellness resources
  • Administer accommodations policies and programs for student parents
  • Consider exceptions to policies, grievances, and appeals

Training and Mentoring Students

  • Conduct language testing and training for Graduate Student Instructors
  • Conduct ethics and responsibility training
  • Administer mentoring programs
  • Conduct writing and publishing workshops
  • Offer student professional development for both academic and non-academic careers

Funding to Students and Academic Programs

  • Administer the campus-wide fellowship competition
  • Provide block allocations and nonresident tuition fellowships to academic programs
  • Fund student conference travel grants, parent grants, summer fellowships
  • Administer dissertation and doctoral completion fellowships
  • Ensure fairness and equity of funding students across academic programs

Fundraising and External Relations

  • Organize and administer endowed public lecture series
  • Cultivate, solicit, and steward donors to campus-wide fellowships
  • Seek funds to support student life and professional development
  • Hold fund- and friend-raising events for alumni and friends

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