Leonard in front of a green background

Berkeley Alumnus Wins PEN Literary Award

Last month UC Berkeley alumnus Leonard Mlodinow was awarded the PEN: E.O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award for his book Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior.

Joanne Wood Scholarship — 4/12/2013

This scholarship was established to assist exceptional students with financial need in obtaining a masters or graduate degree in: business, mathematics, computer science, biology, physics or chemistry.

Saul Perlmutter and family

Perlmutter collects his Nobel

Accompanied by his wife, Laura Nelson, and daughter, Noa, Perlmutter and the other newly named Nobelists, their families, friends and colleagues arrived in Stockholm for the start of festivities on Tuesday, December 6.

JoAnne Stubbe

Two scientists, both with Berkeley graduate degrees, are now “national icons”

The microphones did not pick up Barack Obama’s private words to MIT biochemist JoAnne Stubbe just before he draped the ribbon with her National Medal of Science around her neck, but his public ones were of gratitude on behalf of the American people. Minutes before, he had expressed similar sentiments about retired physicist Berni Alder.

Adventure Man

In a field where the progress of research and career are usually sequential, orderly, and predictable, Rich Muller is a wild card, rocketing wherever the first tantalizing inkling of a puzzle takes him until he has the explanation pinned down satisfactorily. Then he abruptly goes elsewhere, as if cued by the Monty Python catchphrase (first used to introduce a sketch about a man with three buttocks) — “And now for something completely different.”