CAA award winners 2011
The winners --- these are the alumni with Cal graduate degrees who received awards at this year’s Charter Gala. Clockwise from left: Steven Chu, Chlotilde Hewlett, Andrew Frank, Ananya Roy, Kristin Richmond, Victor Pineda, and Kirsten Tobey. (photos: Peg Skorpinski)


The Cal Alumni Association had a big party — its annual Charter Gala — April 9 at San Francisco’s City Hall to celebrate the university’s birthday and to physically present the association’s 2011 alumni awards (publicly announced back in December 2010).

On this page you can see what the recipients look like, and in the case of the Alumnus of the Year, what he sounds like as well (and what a passel of worthies have to say about him), through a video from the event.

Here are the winners, by category.

Alumnus of the YearStephen Chu Ph.D. ’76, 12th U.S. Secretary of Energy, most recent former director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, 1997

Video profile

The other six grad alumni recipients are:

Excellence in Achievement – Andrew Frank ’55, M.S. ’58 (inventor of the modern plug-in hybrid); city and regional planning professor Ananya Roy M.C.P. ’94, Ph.D. ’99

Mark Bingham Award for Excellence in Achievement by a Young Alumnus or AlumnaVictor Pineda ’03, M.C.P. ’06 (founder of the Victor Pineda Foundation); Kristin Richmond and Kirsten Tobey, the cofounders of Revolution Foods, both earned M.B.A.s in 2006.

Excellence in ServiceClothilde Hewlett ’76, J.D. ’79

Slideshow of the Charter Gala event