Chancellor Robert Birgeneau (center) and his wife Mary Catherine (left) meet with Ma Ying-jeou (right), the president of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Taiwan Partnership a Boon for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Last October Berkeley sealed an unprecedented partnership with Taiwan, setting the stage for an influx of cross-cultural resources in the humanities and social sciences. With this partnership, Berkeley becomes the first member of Taiwan’s Top University Strategic Alliance, a program created by the country’s Ministry of Education to increase the international exposure of top Taiwanese scholars and researchers.

Berkeley-Taiwan Partnership

Berkeley and Taiwan form an educational partnership

The China Post, a major English-language daily newspaper published in Taiwan, led the news this way: "The No. 1 public research university in the United States recently sealed an unprecedented cooperative partnership with 15 academic institutions in Taiwan to increase the international experience and exposure of talented local humanities and social sciences scholars through government-sponsored graduate studies."