Greater Good Science Center Gratitude Postdoctoral Fellowship — 3/2/2015

The Greater Good Science Center announced its Gratitude Postdoctoral Fellowship program, a continuation of its six year Expanding the Science and Practice of Gratitude initiative supported by the John Templeton Foundation. Three fellowships, each for two years of postdoctoral support at published NIH salary levels plus … Continued

Greater Good Science Center Fellowship Program — 4/16/14

The Greater Good Science Center is offering the Hornaday Graduate Fellowship to UC Berkeley students whose work relates to the Center’s mission. The fellowship program aims to attract scholars from across a broad spectrum of academic disciplines, with a particular … Continued

How’s your emotional intelligence?

[slidepress gallery=’emotional_intelligence’] You’re smart. You can read text in high volume and analytically. But: Can you read people? Can you tell, from what’s written on someone’s face, whether they’re showing anger or fear? If they’re sad or embarrassed? Happy? Lusty?  Disdainful? … Continued