The Greater Good Science Center offers annual fellowships to graduate students whose research relates to their mission. The fellowship program aims to attract scholars from across a broad spectrum of academic disciplines, with an emphasis on the social-behavioral sciences.

This year they are offering four fellowships: three GGSC fellowships (up to $10,000), and one Hornaday fellowship (up to $15,000)

GGSC fellows have come from the departments of psychology, integrative biology, sociology, neuroscience, urban studies, and other departments; the schools of public health, education, social welfare, and Haas business; and the UC Berkeley-UCSF Joint Medical Program. Their research has ranged from studying the biological bases of compassion and awe to identifying ways to combat racism among children. Many of our fellows have gone on to top research and teaching positions at universities nationwide, providing a significant boost to the science of compassion, resilience, altruism, and happiness.

The deadline to apply is April 3, 2020. Apply at the Good Science Center (GGSC) website.